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ACHABAKA Desirable, Elegant and Witty.
Energic, sensational, and vibrating with attraction and elegance, Achabaka caters for a trendy and affluent readership throughout the Arab world.

Backed by Dar Assayad’s 69 years journalistic experience, a young, aggressive and talented team of editors, reporters and layout artists, have been working for a year to refashion the best selling magazine in the Arab world.

Achabaka‘s editorial style and layout are designed to strengthen its entertainment value to readers. Indeed, added to the famed Achabaka columns are an extended section on the private lives of Arab and international celebrities, gossip columns, beauty, style and fitness pages, a new and improved agony aunt column, more social scene pages, and weekly serialized stories and biographies.

Achabaka is determined to extend its lead among publications in the Arab world by providing its readers with an unrivalled quality of writing and a moving yet peaceful visual experience.

Since its inception in 1956, Achabaka has remained the leading and most audacious Arab magazine. Its success stems from its power to adapt itself to successive generations of readers, who have always chosen it as a guide to their tastes in music and entertainment.

Achabaka is a rewarding platform for advertisers who not only wish to grab the attention of a large and affluent number of readers in the Middle East, but who also want to inspire their tastes, hearts and minds.

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